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Ultimate Found Family Small Town Romance ebook Bundle

Ultimate Found Family Small Town Romance ebook Bundle

Four retro full-length novels plus two novellas

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In this sweet and sexy bundle of small town romances, life-long friends struggle to stay that close, two business rivals battle for top dog in the cutthroat world of TV casting, a producer falls for her younger assistant, two writers learn that they have more in common than they thought, a fake marriage solves problems for a child TV star and his driver, and a friends-with-benefits deal becomes more than was bargained for.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Dust off your old Nokia phones and brush up on your snake game because we’re going back to the 90s!” - Jojo Reads Romance

Read the Carolina Classics bundle if you like:

  • The 1990’s
  • Dawson’s Creek and Friends vibes
  • Entertainment Biz
  • Cute Pets
  • Friends-to-lovers
  • Found Family
  • Cinnamon Roll heroes
  • Rivals to Lovers
  • Boss Assistant Romance

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “​​Made me laugh, tugged at my heartstrings, and threw in some steam for the triple crown win.” - Bookbub review

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “With perfectly placed pop-culture references, expressions, and music, Karen Grey has a magical way of making her stories a visceral experience and transporting readers back to the nineties.” - Bookbub review


✅ I’ll Stand By You

✅ You Get What You Give

✅ Hold On To Me

✅ What Happens in Carolina

✅ I Want It That Way

✅ When I Come Around

Book Description

I’ll Stand By You
In the summer of 1991, my besties since kindergarten take jobs working at a beachfront hotel so we can spend as much time as possible together after college graduation. One especially busy night, a series of challenges leads to game-changing actions, revelations and decisions, making me wonder... Can five friends grow up without growing apart?

You Get What You Give
Insta-attraction turns to insta-rivalry when a family feud casts a fiery redhead and the new guy in town opposite each other in the sleepy southern town improbably crowned the Hollywood of the East.

Hold On To Me
In this slow-burn, boss-assistant, entertainment biz romance, a grumpy movie production chief takes on a sexy assistant who challenges her every assumption.

What Happens in Carolina
When a hurricane threatens the location shoot, two TV show writing partners must face not just their mortality, but the sexual tension between them, because... there's only one bed.

I Want It That Way
This steamy, slow burn, fake relationship, entertainment biz romantic comedy is just what the doctor ordered.

When I Come Around
In this second chance, friends-to-lovers, retro romance, a grumpy cinnamon roll hero and a wounded bird heroine vie for a happy-ever-after despite interference from meddling found-family friends.

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Wrightsford Beach, NC August 31, 1991 9:35 p.m.

AS I POUR myself yet another cup of coffee, I try to remember why I’d thought it was such a good idea to add another job to my already jam-packed summer schedule. Today I woke at 9 a.m. in order to work an eight-hour day at my theater camp job, then had just enough time to change out of the T-shirt and shorts I wear as a counselor and into my Rumrunner Hotel attire—golf shirt and khaki skirt—and drive across town to begin my graveyard shift here at the front desk.

I’d hoped to recreate the summers of our early teen years, for my four best friends and I to spend quality time together before we all focused on finding real jobs in the real world. Like, wouldn’t it be so totally awesome to work together at this hotel after college graduation just like we did after junior high graduation?

Back when we were fourteen, we thought we’d hit the jackpot when we all scored summer jobs at Wrightsford Beach’s most popular resort. Just like on our favorite TV show, Beverly Hills, 90210, all we had to worry about was how deep we wanted our tans to be and whether to spend our wages on burgers or ice cream.

Unfortunately, just like Melrose Place vis-a-vis 90210, the spin-off hasn’t exactly lived up to the original. For all kinds of reasons.

No time to dwell on that, however, because duty calls in the form of a very handsome, very worried-looking man.

A number of guests are in tuxes because there’s a wedding reception in the ballroom, but I’m 99 percent sure this particular man in a penguin suit is the groom. Pasting on a professional smile, I ask, “Is there something I can do for you, Mr. Smith?”

He seems surprised that I know his name, so I hold up the file. “I’ve got your event details right here, and I recognize you from the bridal party photo shoot. I never forget a face.”

“Oh, well, thanks. I mean, yes, I hope you can help. My dog’s gone missing.”

“Dog?” Pets are allowed at the hotel, but I don’t remember seeing anything about one in residence at the moment.

“We decided at the last minute to bring Ribsy to be our ring bearer.” He drags a hand down his face. “I thought it would make my daughter happy, but if he’s lost, we’ll all be heartbroken.”

Batting curiosity aside—not too many grooms his age have kids old enough to participate in their weddings—I pull out a pad of paper. “I totally understand. You wouldn’t happen to have a photo of him, would you?”

He shakes his head. “Back home in Boston I have plenty, but nothing with me.”

“Okay. Why don’t you give me a description and the last place and time you saw him. I’ll radio the staff to keep an eye out.”

“He’s a pretty typical-looking hound dog, mostly black with a brown face and legs and a few white spots. He’s very friendly. Unfortunately, he’ll follow anybody.” He runs a hand through his hair, mussing it. “Uh, what else?”

“He was in the wedding with you?”

“Right. On the beach.”

“And then what?”

“I took him up to the room and gave him his dinner. I just went up to take him out one last time to do his business, and he wasn’t there.”

A woman in a fifties-style blue dress exits the restrooms. When she notices Mr. Smith, she shifts course away from the ballroom doors and toward us. “Is everything okay, Henry?”

“Hey, Lucy. I hope so. Ribsy’s missing.”

“Oh no.”

“Any ideas?” Turning to me, he explains, “Lucy trains dogs. Lucy, Ms.”—he peers at my name tag—“Davenport has very generously agreed to spread the word.”

I grab a marker and sketch out a “Missing Dog” flyer while they talk. They’re halfway to the ballroom by the time I finish, so I quickly lock up my drawer and trot to catch up with them. “Excuse me, Mr. Smith?”

When he turns, his brow is still creased with worry. “Please, call me Henry.”

We’re not supposed to call guests by their first names, so I just hold up the paper in my hands. “It’s a bit late to knock on doors, but if you like, I can make copies of this and we can put them up.”

He looks like he’s going to protest, but his friend intervenes. “That’s actually a great idea,” she says.

“Okay, then. Thank you. But I’m sure it’s not part of your job description.” He holds out a hand. “I’ll make the copies in your business center and put them up.”

“It’s your wedding night, sir. I’m happy to take care of it.”

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Five Found Family Friends


  • Fierce Capricorn Mama Bear
  • Has a Redhead’s temper
  • Boss with a heart of gold
  • Loves making good use of her outdoor shower
You Get What You Give


  • Lost soul surfer
  • The best best friend
  • Calm in the center of the storm
  • Built his own boat
  • Loves his mean cat
Hold On To Me


  • The Cool Girl
  • The best bartender/driver/location scout in town
  • Loyal to the end
  • Does NOT want her own kids after raising her nine siblings
I Want It That Way


  • Reformed Rake
  • Long hair, don’t care
  • Follows his dreams
  • Wishes he were as confident as everyone thinks he is
  • Thinks that growing up means moving on
When I Come Around


  • China Doll that no one takes seriously (least of all herself)
  • Was definitely a debutante
  • Hates being on a pedestal but doesn’t know how to get off
  • Stronger than she looks
When I Come Around