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For Fork's Sake

For Fork's Sake

A Grumpy-Sunshine, One-night-stand, Enemies-to-Lovers, Sexy Romcom

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He’s back in the small town he hated, living with the family that rejected him.

She’s fallen in love with his family, hiding her true identity.

Only a goofy dog, a meddling grandma and Tuesday night trivia can put this couple back together again.

Book Description

I haven’t lived in Fork Lick since I left for college.
I always stuck out like a sore thumb in my gossipy, backward-thinking hometown.
I don’t even fit in with my family.

But now, whether I like it or not, I’m back.
Which puts me face to face with all the reasons I left, from a meddling grandmother to brothers who ignore me.

What I don't expect to find?
The woman who upended my world nine months ago.
The one I can't stop thinking about.
Making videos with my grandmother.

Don’t read this book unless you love:
❤️Hot, grumpy, nerdy heroes
❤️Sunshiny, do-gooder heroines
❤️Forced Proximity
❤️Steamy One Night Stands
❤️Beloved pets
❤️Twin mind melds
❤️Small town hijinks
❤️Lots of smexy times

Look inside

I knew it was a bad idea to eat in the hotel bar, but the adjoining restaurant had a half-hour wait, and I didn’t feel like driving around looking for another place in the pouring rain. When the hostess pointed at an empty barstool and my stomach grumbled, I grabbed the spot.

Now, I wish I’d gotten my meal to go. Everything had been fine when I’d ordered dinner, but the moment the bartender set it in front of me, this creep slid into the open seat next to me. A man with no sense of personal space, who will not let me eat in peace.

“I said, no thank you,” I repeat when he offers to buy me a drink. Again. My beer is only half-empty, and my appetite is gone. Where the hell did that bartender go? If I could just settle up, I could get out of here. Of course, then the guy might follow me to the elevator.

“You too good for me, is that it?” he asks, leaning even closer.

Wondering if I could get the hostess to help me out, I do my best to keep my voice even. “I’m not sur—”

“So sorry I’m late, honey,” a warm, masculine voice says from behind me. “Who’s your friend?"

Those rich tones would have me turning towards him like a flower to the sun even if there weren’t a whiny asshole bothering me. When I do, I wish he were my honey. Thick, dark hair, chisel-cut cheekbones. Unruly brows, dark-rimmed glasses, pale blue eyes. So much like Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent I’m wondering if he’s got a superhero outfit under his tailored suit.

His eyes aren’t just beautiful, they speak volumes. They’re all guard-dog protective, until I arch a brow at him. When I get a glint of humor too, I decide to play along.

“I tried to save your seat, sweetums.” My tone treacly sweet, I gesture at the man I’ve been saying no to in every way I know how for the past fifteen minutes. “But this man took it. And he won’t leave me alone.”

I swear Superman grows several inches in height as he slips between me and Won’t Take No For An Answer Dude. “Are you bothering my wife, sir?”

Dude shrinks into his stool. “No, no, I was just, uh, making sure she was taken care of, you know.”

“Kind of you, but as you can see, I’ve got it covered.” Superman waits a beat and then tips his chin. “May I have my seat back?”

I swear the other guy goes boneless as he slithers off the bar stool. “It’s all yours, my man.”

“Thanks for keeping it warm for me,” my hero says, the growl in his tone overriding the polite words.

Now more Clark Kent, my suited savior slips onto the vacated seat with the grace and agility of an athlete, eyes tracking the other man until he’s well and truly gone.

When he finally turns back to me, even his grimace is attractive. “Sorry if that was presumptive, but if you were my sister, I’d have done the same.”

As the words leave his mouth, he seems to realize what he’s said, and he adjusts his glasses, almost nervously. “That sounded weird, huh?”

I nod slowly, hiding my amusement. What is it with him? I should be pissed that he stepped in, assuming that I’d need his help. Instead, I want to grab him by the lapels of his fancy suit and kiss him silly.

“It’s just,” he continues, his cheeks flushing pink. “I do have a sister—a twin—and I get super protective, especially when she gets that look on her face.”

“The wide-eyed save-me look?”

“Exactly.” He grimaces slightly. “Do you forgive me?”

I tip my head to the side as if I’m trying to decide. “I will if you tell me your name.”

Relief has twin dimples appearing in his cheeks, and he holds out his hand to shake. “Samuel. Or Sam.”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

This book was perfect! It was a balance of drama, romance, silly puppies, and family dynamics. I enjoyed how the author slowly peeled away the layers of the characters, showing us how they see themselves, how other see them, and who they truly are. The complexities of family dynamics including siblings, secret shame, and guilt were well written. I loved Gomer and it is always good to see Baabara.

A fun and delightful book - great addition to the series!

This series is amazing and this book is a fantastic edition.

Sam and Diane’s one night stand turns into a delightfully funny, banter filled story that will steal your heart. The towns people are hilarious and I love the cameos of characters in the other books.

Diane is strong, determined and not willing to back down from her beliefs. She’s a city girl visiting a small town…I really enjoyed how she discovers the draw of a small town versus the city.

Sam is a delightful character who finally stands up for what he believes in regardless of families thoughts. He’s determine right his past wrongs. Karen does an amazing job touching on Sam’s discovery of being on the autism spectrum.

Gomer was the perfect edition.

Thank you Home Cooked Books for the Advances Readers Copy.

Lynn Grant
Diane and Sam

Diane is having a cocktail in a hotel bar when the man next to her won’t take her polite “no” for an answer. Sam witnesses the attractive brunette being harassed by the clueless man and steps in, pretending to be her husband. After a bit of flirtation, they go their separate ways only to realize their rooms are on the same floor. After an epic night of intimacy, and Sam oversleeping, they are shocked to find themselves on opposite sides of a government hearing on the regulation of seed libraries and banks. A disgusted Diane rushes off without speaking to the corporate representative Sam. Many months later, when Diane is visiting the Bedd Fellows farm near the Catskills, she finds herself face to face with Sam, who quit his position with the agriculture giant for whom he had to testify that fateful 24 hour period the previous year.
Diane herself has been harboring a huge secret about her own life and the two have much to work through if they’re to have any chance at a happily ever after.
This was a fun, sexy romp from an author known for her fun romantic comedies set in Boston in the 1980s. I really liked this book and the series thus far, which are all interconnected but written by different authors.
I was fortunate to have received an advance reader copy from the author and bookfunnel, and I’m pleased to share my honest impressions.

Book 3 - can be standalone

This is book 3 in the multi author series Farm 2 Forking and another delightful addition to this series but can be read as a standalone. Grey delivers a well written romance that is the best blend of sweet and steam as well as angst and laughs. Our main characters are Sam and Diane and come thru with a grumpy/sunshine troupe romance. I loved so much about this book. Grey's writing style for one shine and the main characters as well as others with family dynamics and sibling rivalry I totally relate to and farm life that I feel transported to. The laughs and lightheartedness that's brought to some more difficult situations was well traversed. This was just a binge worthy romance read that I absolutely loved, and I can't wait to see what book 4 will have in store!

This book was given to me for free at my request and I voluntarily provided this review.

Pauline Edbrooke

When Sam meets Diane at an hotel when he is on a business trip, he spends an unforgettable night with her. but wakes up to an empty bed, and only first names. When Diane turns up in court the next morning to plead her case for her seed bank, a man named Mr. Langston is her adversary, aka Sam. That day Sam quits his job and goes to find another job, but every day he thinks of Diane. Diane has secrets of her own and when she decides set up her own you tube channel, focusing on her content, she reaches out to her university room mate to visit her family farm, Bend Fellows Farm and document life there. When Sam decides to come back to his home, the first thing he discovers is Diane, sitting at his family dinner table. Can they overcome their differences, and misunderstandings?

This is a story of missed opportunities, instant connections and miscommunication. It's about love, loyalty and family. It is a well written story, that draws you in and gets you invested in the Bedd Family lives. The baggage and secrets that Diane and Sam carry, could derail their relationship, can they work through them and be together? Great story.