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Forget About Me

Forget About Me

a Second Chance Brother's Best Friend nostalgic romantic comedy

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He’s got the body of an Adonis, the heart of a clown, and a carload of guilt. God may have forgiven her but she hasn’t forgiven herself for the loss of her brother. Or her brother's best friend, for that matter. Only a stray dog and a play by Shakespeare can give them a second chance at love.

Book Description

★★★★★ “This slow burn, second chance, brother’s best friend romance was perfect.” -- Anna Reads Here

I may be living the dream, but it’s not mine.

I'm embarrassed to admit that it took my dad having a heart attack to get me back to Boston. Surprisingly, it's been a welcome break from the zoo of my life in Los Angeles. Some guys might relish being ogled by women all over the globe, but landing a role with a little Boston Shakespeare theater brings me much closer to fulfilling my dream of being a real actor than posing for the camera in my underwear.

Facing the reason I went west in the first place? That’s another story.

But when a stray dog shows up on my doorstep, the only person I know to turn to is my best friend's little sister and the love of my life, Lucy Minola. Once I see her again, I vow to make things right.

Even if I don't deserve her.

This bittersweet 80's throwback retro romance proves that everyone deserves a second chance in love. And in life.

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Falling in love, killing a guy by accident and mortally wounding myself when it appears that my bride has taken her life is a lot. Doing it six times in four days is just too much. The addition of two weekend matinees to Shakespeare Boston’s Romeo and Juliet schedule must be taking its toll. Still, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This year—just like the past seven—began in Los Angeles, where modeling work has dominated my life, keeping me far from home and too busy to do theater. Six months into 1988, due to circum‐ stances I never expected to face, I’m back in Boston performing for a live audience. It feeds my soul, so I don’t care if I’m exhausted.

I’m tired at the end of every weekend, but on this particular late- August Monday morning, I might be hallucinating. Adrenaline spik‐ ing, heart in my throat, it takes a few beats for me to figure out what just happened. My hands grip the railing that kept me from falling off my second-floor porch as I take in the lump I just tripped over on my way out the door.

It’s a mottled gray color, and I think that’s fur. Not moving, though. Wondering if it’s alive, I step closer. It makes a snuffling noise, unfolding itself, and I release the breath I’ve been holding. It’s not some weird package from a mega-fan; it’s a dog. With tufted brows and a whiskery muzzle, he looks like the dog in that movie when we were kids—Benji.

“Where the heck did you come from, little guy?”
Where did he come from?
My heart takes off again, and I scan the backyard. Thankfully, no

rabid fans or paparazzi seem to be lurking in the shadows. I’ve worked hard to keep this address a secret. I don’t want my dad or his neighbors to have to deal with that level of crazy. Habitually, I check one particular neighbor’s back yard, but as usual, it’s empty. No one at that house is a fan of mine, that’s for sure.

Eyes back on my visitor, I squat and hold out the back of my hand, just like Lucy taught me to do back when we were kids. He sniffs it, gives it a polite lick, then holds up his paw like he wants to shake hands. When I reach for it, though, he whimpers.

“It’s okay, buddy,” I say soothingly, but it actually looks like he's not okay. The paw is bleeding.

“Sorry, dude. I guess we should do something about that.” Looks like my run isn’t happening this morning. Maintaining a contractu‐ ally mandated body- fat ratio and weight and muscle definition was way easier out in Los Angeles, where I had access to Callum Keen Enterprise’s in-house chefs and gym along with a daily routine full of go-sees, meetings and shoots. I could skip today’s workout, but that’s a slippery slope. Next thing you know, I’ll be eating steak and pasta.

Ah, pasta. I miss you so. Not as much as a certain former neigh‐ bor, but at least there’s a chance I’ll have you again.

An image of a steaming plate of spaghetti and meatballs presented to me with the most beautiful smile I’ve ever known hovers in my mind for a few precious moments. A guy can dream. But right now, this guy needs to take care of a mutt.

“Come on in, buddy.”

The dog looks at me before limping over the threshold. I have a few first aid supplies, but I have no idea how to take care of a wound on an animal.

Three wasted Band-Aids later, I give up. “I think you need a vet.”

Seven summers ago, the love of my life worked at an animal hospital over in Somerville, Massachusetts—one of the many satel‐ lite towns surrounding Boston—and just a couple miles from my dad’s house here in Arlington. I gave her a ride to work most morn‐ ings. Spending that time together led to a whole series of incidents. Some are the sweetest memories I have.

Some still give me nightmares.

The dog lies down with a harrumph.

“I don’t even have anything to feed you. Unless you like brown rice?”
He rolls over on his side, his tail thump lacking enthusiasm. “Yeah, I didn’t think so.”

That vet’s office is the only one I know of. Lucy probably doesn’t work there anymore. I have no idea what she’s doing now.

I’d likely know everything about her—heck, I’d probably be married to her—if I wasn’t responsible for her brother’s death.

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Customer Reviews

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Ben & Lucy

Forget About Me is the 2nd book in Grey’s Boston Classics series set in the late 80s. You could start here as there aren’t any spoilers for Will & Kate’s story (other than they end up together – but this is romance, so yeah). However, I definitely recommend book 1, What I’m Looking For and the free prequel novella, Signed, Sealed, & Delivered.

Insert small grumble here about the fact that this is labeled “Historical”. Seriously, I’m that old??? Anyway…

I was so excited to get to read this! This incorporates one of my favorite tropes: Best Friend’s Sister/Brother’s Best Friend and the added bonus of an adorable dog. What I really enjoyed here is that while it’s a cohesive addition to the series – it’s definitely a unique story. Ben & Lucy were brought together in friendship as children by Lucy’s brother, Tony and then torn apart as young lovers by his death. Forget About Me has it’s fair share of grief and growing pains to go along with it’s hilarious RomCom status. Add in the constant stream of music referenced from Lucy’s obsession with mixtapes and this is a truly delightful story. (Have your Spotify or Amazon Music app ready!)

I’ll admit, I am not a fan of flashbacks – the story regularly takes the main characters on trips down memory lane, mostly to 7 years earlier – but Grey weaves them in so well that instead of disrupting the flow they reveal bits of information and emotion at the perfect times. While there are numerous sexy scenes for Ben & Lucy, I truly enjoy romance where I get to know the characters individually and together as a couple. I want to believe that these people belong together and I’m thrilled that’s exactly what I get. In some respects, we get their love story twice – young love as new adults at 21 & 18 and again at 28 & 25 with more life experience and self-awareness.

Dual narration by Brian Pallino and Emma Wilder was fantastic. While I loved the narrators for What I’m Looking For – I like Grey’s decision to give each couple in the series their own narrators. Pallino & Wilder both do a wonderful job on a variety of voices, accents, and emotions. While I truly enjoyed the book when I read it – the audio brings it up another level. I was brought to tears and laughed out loud. There’s a “tape rewind” noise that provides a unique way to differentiate the flashback sections from the current storyline.