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When I Come Around audiobook

When I Come Around audiobook

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Narrated by Ryan Lee Dunlap & Amanda Stribling

When I join the woman I’ve loved forever for an out-of-town movie job, she makes me an offer I can’t refuse: a secret friends-with-benefits deal. If only my heart can keep things under wraps.

Book Description

1999 goals: Get a life, get real… and get a room.

No one ever said I was the brightest bulb on the tree, but a near-death experience finally knocks some sense into my thick head.

Luckily, my jerk of an ex washes his hands of me, but I’m left with so many burnt bridges to re-build. Landing a job on any movie or TV show that’ll have me has to be my #1 priority. Thankfully, my life-long friends still love me enough to help.

When the one I always wished could be more than a friend shows up on my doorstep, however, all my good intentions go right out the window. Before I know it, I’ve convinced him that an out-of-town, friends-with-benefits deal will be the perfect way to get over each other.

Is it another in a long line of bad decisions, or a move that'll turn things around? 110 percent, I hope he can handle the truth.

Fans of 90’s TV shows, from Friends to Seinfeld, will love this second chance, friends-to-lovers, retro romance, where a grumpy cinnamon roll hero and a wounded bird heroine vie for a happy-ever-after despite interference from meddling found-family friends.

Look inside

Subj: Wedding Schedule
Date: 9/24/1999 4:55:01 PM
From: makeupchick1200
To: VioletCastingCarolina
Dear Violet,
First off, my deepest apologies for missing
your bachelorette party. Hardy had a last-
minute work event that I couldn’t get
out of.
But don’t worry! I will be ready bright and
early tomorrow to do your hair and makeup
and my bridesmaid dress is ready to go.
I’m so excited to be included in your
wedding party!


Weddings suck.

Don’t get me wrong. The simple ceremony on the beach in front of the hotel where my friends and I worked through high school and college went off without a hitch—pun intended—the weather pleasantly warm for North Carolina in September.

It’s awesome to see one of my best friends so deliriously happy. Violet’s face lights up every time she looks at her new husband, Nate. Like he hung the moon and invented chocolate.

It’s not like I’m jealous of them, either. I may have spent many a night on a couch or bed watching movies with Violet, but I never liked her romantically. She’s always been like an intimidating older sister, even though we’re the same age.

Nor am I envious of the other love matches forged by friends in the close-knit gang that’s been together since preschool.

Not of Sully, who obviously adores Helen, a badass production manager who rescued his heart.

I’m stoked for Dani, who seems like she’s falling for Luke, the famous actor I thought she hated when she worked as his driver a few years ago.

I’ve accepted that the true love thing ain’t likely to happen for me. I’ve simply got too much going on career-wise to invest in a serious girlfriend, even if I was good at the relationships.

Case in point: I wasted every single one of my chances with Whitney, the fifth member of our friend group. Always asking for too much too soon at the wrong time. Just gener- ally leaping before looking, I drove her away so fast and so far, the girl I always dreamed I’d end up with is now married to a man I can’t imagine anyone being happy with.

Hardy Fucking McRae.

Whitney and Dani are in Violet’s wedding party, but the groomsmen are all Nate’s friends who came in from Califor- nia, so I’ve managed to avoid Whit all night. Haven’t seen her jerk of a husband, either. If he’s here, he’s probably schmoozing with people who have more money and class than I do.

Not that I’m complaining. I’d just as soon punch the guy as talk to him.

The only thing weddings are good for is hooking up with women interested in a one-night stand. Tonight, even that lacks appeal. So, as soon as the cake’s been cut and the bride and groom have left the building, I am packing it in.

I’m just on my way out the door, having said the obligatory thank you’s and goodbyes, when a woman who looks only vaguely familiar grasps my arm. “Are you Ford?”

“That’s me. What can I do for you?”

“There’s a young woman asking for you in the ladies’ lounge.”

She practically pushes me inside the women’s restroom, a fancy one with an outer room full of chaise lounges and mirrors, but I barely notice the décor once I locate Whitney.

I’m at her side before I take another breath. I don’t know anything about medicine, but her pale skin, shallow breath, and hollow-eyed expression make it clear something is very wrong. I turn back to the guest who found me.

“Call nine-one-one, please. Now.”

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Customer Reviews

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Patty R
Fantastic series wrap up!

Now that is how to end a series. Karen Grey always pulls me into her stories. Her ensemble cast of characters keeps me riveted to my earbuds and this one is fantastic. Whitney has had her issues over the years, but keeping her parents happy has always been a must. That is why her marriage is so important. Until it isn't. Now her husband gone and her mother fit to be tied, she is on her own for the first time. Ford has always had a thing for her, and when he comes to the aid of job she is on, his protective side comes out full force. As kids, they had a chemistry, one that was never acted on because Ford came from the wrong side of the tracks. Now that they are in a different place and more mature though, will that chemistry still be there? I loved this book for so many reasons. Grey packs in marriage issues and decisions that were made, family drama and finding that trust in another to build on just to name a few. Loved the nostalgia that comes along with this series too. But my favorite not overlooking the fabulous love story is the friendships that stay strong. Over the years, it's easy to outgrow friends, but these people found that it was more important to cultivate and grow together. It's a fantastic series. And the epilogue( free for Karen Grey subscribers) sums it all up and made my heart full.

Ryan Lee Dunlap and Amanda Stribling are so good together, they made the time fly by. Bringing their characters to life, each found the essence of their personalities and brought out the emotions they each felt. I enjoyed their portrayal of the story and their performance.