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Ultimate 1980s RomCom Audiobook Bundle

Ultimate 1980s RomCom Audiobook Bundle

Four nostalgic full-length novels plus two novellas!

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Narrated by: Joe Arden, Karen White, Brian Pallino, Emma Wilder, Carly Robins, Bradley Ford, Vanessa Edwin, Eric Michael Summerer, Erin Mallon & Tom Taylorson

In this fun and flirty bundle of upbeat romances, an awkward businesswoman falls for a bookish bartender, a lost dog leads to rekindled love, two friends find love over a series of New Year’s Eves, a ballerina and a reclusive DJ court over the phone lines, and a child TV star reconnects with a life-changing One Night Stand.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “🤩 Entertaining voice narrations—All of them give an amazing mix of feels that are super cute and totally hot!!” - @ReadPairShare

Read the Boston Classics bundle if you like romance with:

  • The 1980’s
  • Found Family
  • Workplace Romance
  • Cute Pets
  • Best Friend’s Sister
  • STEM heroines
  • Cinnamon Roll heroes
  • Secret Baby

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The audio brings all the 80’s references to life as we get to listen to answering machine messages and the familiar sound of a cassette winding up.” - Trish, Goodreads

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ If you are looking for some fun, nostalgic romance stories, look no further! Karen Grey brings us back to the 80's with great memories, humor and stories you can sink your teeth into and enjoy!” - Patty, Bookbub


✅ What I’m Looking For

✅ Like It’s 1999

✅ Forget About Me

✅ Signed, Sealed & Delivered

✅ You Spin Me

✅ Child of Mine

Book Description

What I'm Looking For
While financial analyst Kate may be a numbers whiz, computing social situations like happy hour with her colleagues is an entirely different story. But an unexpected exchange with Shakespeare-loving bartender Will is about to turn her life upside down…

Signed, Sealed & Delivered
Take a trip back in time to the 1980’s with this exclusive prequel to Forget About Me, where the setting may be retro, but falling in and out of love hasn’t changed.

Forget About Me
Internationally famous underwear model Ben has never forgotten his first love Lucy, his best friend’s younger sister. Back in Boston, the dog he finds on his front porch gives him a second chance with Lucy, but it looks like he might also steal the show…

Like It’s 1999
Party girl Alice Kim goes toe-to-toe with ladie's man Steve Lowell when it comes to quoting movies or wedding day pranks. They're perfect for each other. It’ll only take till the end of the 20th century for them to figure it out.

You Spin Me
He spins discs. She spins stories. In this heart-rending but happy-ending retro romance, it may be the last year of the eighties, but the tale is only beginning for a beauty and a beast of a guardian angel.

Child of Mine
A heartwarming rom-com: After an early life of stardom, single mom Isabella is ready to raise her daughter away from the spotlight back home in Boston — where she encounters a man from her distant past. But can Henry convince her to give him a second chance?

Look inside


My chest heaves. Every inch of my body is slick with sweat. My legs are as shaky as if I just sprinted the last hundred yards in the mile at a track meet.

Having reached the front of the conference room, I set my flip chart on the easel and place my notes on the podium while I psych myself up to face the rows of my firm’s traders and salesmen. Then I remember what Mr. Brady said to Jan when she was nervous to debate in front of a crowd. Unfortunately, picturing these guys in their underwear instead of suits as shiny as the gel slicking their hair back just recalls the images left on my desk on a daily basis my first couple of weeks on the job.

Xerox copies of what’s inside that underwear. Bet Jan Brady never had to deal with that.

Suck it up, Bishop. You didn’t eat breakfast, so there’s nothing to throw up like the first time you presented your Buy recommendations. You brought a glass of water so your mouth won’t get so dry that you literally can’t get the words out like the second time. What’s that new campaign slogan Nike’s about to roll out? “Just Do It”?

Gritting my teeth, keeping my focus on my meticulously prepared graphs instead of the sea of bored male faces, I manage to stumble through my list of stock recs. The anecdotes I planned to tell to make my conclusions more memorable? They all seem stupid now, so I skip them and woodenly read my notes.

Finally, it’s over and I get out of the way so the next junior analyst can take my place. Leaning against the side wall, I fumble for a pen so I can take notes on the rest of the meeting. The moment it’s finished, instead of lingering to answer questions I scoot back to my cubicle and my research, the part of my job I’m actually good at. But before I can even sit down, the phone on my desk buzzes.

“Roland would like to see you in his office in fifteen minutes.” The statement is followed by the dial tone. My boss’s secretary Gail rarely wastes words on greetings or goodbyes. Or names. Or hints as to my fate.

I have time to either scarf down the bagel I brought or change out of my pit-soaked blouse before this meeting, but not both. I’d rather face Roland in dry clothes, so I race to the ladies’ room before heading up to the executive floor. Breakfast can wait.

Exactly fifteen minutes later, I sidle up to Gail’s desk, hoping for a clue of what’s to come. She looks up and waves me through, her always pallid complexion revealing nothing. “He’s waiting for you.”

“Thanks.” My voice wobbles on the word.

Just do it, Bishop.

Gingerly sticking my head inside the lion’s den, I tap on the heavy oak door. “You needed to see me, sir?”

In contrast to the modern decor I’ve glimpsed in partners’ offices, this den is more Upstairs, Downstairs than LA Law. Posh surroundings aren’t what make my boss one of the most highly respected equity analysts in the world, but they do make me feel like a poor relation fortunate to share air with him.

He waves at me, patrician nose in a report. “Katherine Bishop. Come in, come in.” His royally accented voice trails off as he jots down notes. Neatly tucking everything to the side, he removes his reading glasses. “All right, then?”

I hover on the threshold. “Um, yes. I’m almost done with the quarterly for your athletic shoe manufacturers. I do need to make a call to ask about an earnings upside at Adidas.”

He sits back in his chair and narrows his eyes at me. “Why haven’t we had you out in the field yet?”

I’m not sure how to answer. Isn’t that his call to make? “Well,” I begin, since he seems to be waiting for me to speak, “I haven’t really felt ready to—”

He interrupts me, gaze sharp and silver brows low. “Your presentation at the sales meeting this morning wasn’t ideal.”

“Yes, sir. I mean, I’ve been working on—”

He waves away my sputtered explanations. “Kate. If you can’t pull yourself together enough to present to a friendly crowd here in our offices, how will you face a group of institutional investors who will challenge each and every argument you make?”

I stifle a harsh laugh. Friendly crowd? It wasn’t just photocopies of private parts landing on my desk during my first month on the job. The traders sent me a stripper disguised as a bike messenger, and every single sales guy asked me out. Or suggested a quickie in their office. I’d be willing to bet they don’t welcome new male analysts the same way.

Of course, I can’t complain about any of it without sounding like a whiny little girl.

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The Shakespeare Boston Actors

William "Will" Talbot

  • Quotes Shakespeare like a boss
  • Bartender at the "Cheers" pub
  • Athlete turned theater geek
  • Serious about his craft
What I'm Looking For


  • International underwear model
  • Her brother's best friend
  • Body of an Adonis
  • Heart of a clown
  • Rescues a dog that saves him
Forget About Me


  • Turning 30 is not her favorite
  • Her hair should have its own resume
  • Falls for a radio DJ over the phone
  • Is she the beauty? Or the beast?
You Spin Me


  • Teen Soap Opera Star
  • Turned Single Mom
  • The price of success is too high
  • Likes her current quiet life and wants to keep it that way
Child of Mine